Due to developing events, including recent federal and local actions intended to address the continuing spread of COVID-19, the Post Oak Club will be closed until further notice after the 11 PM 8373 Group Candlelight Meeting on March 17, 2020.

The Board has given this action careful consideration and has not taken this action lightly. We are aware of the potential negative effects of this action on individuals and the Club itself. However, the importance of this issue and the seriousness of the situation outweigh these effects.

Now is the time for all of us to demonstrate not only the power of the Twelve Steps at the personal level and the Twelve Traditions at the group level but also the principles of Unity, Service and Recovery. As initial steps in doing so, we suggest that each meeting-

• Develop and use electronic means of communicating with the members of that meeting (e.g., e-mail lists, Facebook or other social media) to stay in contact.

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We will continue to share information through the POC web-site and e-mail messages regarding activities and developments. Our objective is to reopen the Club as soon as possible and get back to what we do best-carrying the message.

Best regards,

The Post Oak Club