• Minimum sobriety: Nine months
• Length of service: As asked by a meeting chairperson

1. Follow the designated meeting format (i.e. Step Study,Big Book Study, Discussion,Newcomer,etc.).
2. For a discussion meeting,select a subject that concerns itself with recovery from the disease of alcoholism. BE PREPARED!
3. It is normally NOT a good practice to conduct a meeting on an all-volunteer basis,although an occasional call for volunteers helps allow a group member to share who might not otherwise be called on.
4. Open the meeting with brief remarks. It should take no more than 5 to 7
minutes to open a meeting.
5. Leaders should not comment on what everyone says,avoid crosstalk, and not talk between each person’s share.
6. Make sure you turn the meeting back over to the chairperson in time to finish the meeting format (usually 5 minutes before the end).
7. Be prepared to help the chairperson if any issues dealing with cross-talk or confrontation arise. You may have to help the chairperson move the meeting along to ensure the meeting continu.es to deal with A.A. related issues.
8. Help the chairperson leave the room in a clean and organized manner.
9. In accordance with the Twelfth Tradition (see pamphlet on anonymity) no one is required to state his or her name. Please do not interrupt the meeting by requiring them to do so.