From time to time, Post Oak Club offers special speakers, events and other special meetings outside the typical schedule. Check back here to see when the next special event will take place.

Special Events:

Thanksgiving at Post Oak

November 28, 2019

7am: Morining Meetings

12:15: Traditional Thanksgiving  Meeting

1:15pm – 3pm: Dinner  (please bring a  dessert)

3:15pm: Afternoon Discussion

7pm: Evening Discussion

Friends-Giving Pot Luck – November

Dance + Raffle + Speaker

6pm: Potluck

8pm: Speaker

Stay tuned here for more special events and special speaker events!

Memoria Bricks

Back by polar demand, November 1, through December 17, 2019

4″ X 8″ Brick @250, 8″ X 8″ Brick $500, 12″ X. 12″ Brick $1,000