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Minimum Sobriety: Nine months
Length of service: One Month

1. Select a person to lead the meeting each week (preferably well in advance).

2. Prior to the meeting each week:

  • Ensure the meeting room is clean and orderly.

  • Check for money envelopes and newcomer packets. Replenish if necessary.

  • Replenish chip holder if necessary.

  • Have a Big Book available for the leader.

  • Have contribution baskets available.

3. Follow the meeting format completely. The chairperson should not ad-lib. Instead,read the opening and closing remarks verbatim. The chairperson does not have the authority to omit the reading of “How it Works”,change the prayer at the end of the meeting, or make any other changes to the meeting format per the Group Conscience.

4. Maintain order in the meeting. On those rare occasions when a member acts in a way that is not in the best interest of the group,invite that person to join you in the outer room to discuss the issue privately. If you are not willing or able to do this, please inform the meeting secretary.

5. Make sure the meeting starts and ends on time. Meetings are one hour only. This is important. It is not appropriate for the chairperson to share after the leader has turned the meeting back over to them unless asked by the leader. Even then, they should only share if time allows.

6. At the close of the meeting,sign any documentation of participants if required bylaw, hospital, or halfway house. This is optional. If the Chairperson does not want to sign papers,they are encouraged to ask another member who may be willing.

7. Money handling procedures:

  • Count contribution money in baskets.

  • Fill out money envelope.

  • Mark the amount of contributions on the sheet provided.

  • Deposit money in the safe just inside the coffee bar as soon as it is recorded and definitely prior to end of the meeting.

  • Blue can envelopes are inside the group contributions envelope.Please be sure to put the blue can money in the colored envelope, along with the date and amount and drop in the safe.

8. There is only one time a chairperson should both lead and chair a meeting: When there is no one in the room who is qualified by virtue of having the required period of continuous sobriety to share the responsibilities.

9. In accordance to the Twelfth Tradition (see pamphlet regarding anonymity) no one is required
to say his or her name. Please do not interrupt the meeting to ask them who they are.


Minimum Sobriety: Nine months
Length of service: As asked by a meeting chairperson

1. Follow the designated meeting format (i.e. Step Study,Big Book Study, Discussion,Newcomer,etc.).

2. For a discussion meeting,select a subject that concerns itself with recovery from the disease of alcoholism. BE PREPARED!

3. It is normally NOT a good practice to conduct a meeting on an all-volunteer basis,although an occasional call for volunteers helps allow a group member to share who might not otherwise be called on.

4. Open the meeting with brief remarks. It should take no more than 5 to 7 minutes to open a meeting.

5. Leaders should not comment on what everyone says,avoid crosstalk, and not talk between each person’s share.

6. Make sure you turn the meeting back over to the chairperson in time to finish the meeting format (usually 5 minutes before the end).

7. Be prepared to help the chairperson if any issues dealing with cross-talk or confrontation arise. You may have to help the chairperson move the meeting along to ensure the meeting continues to deal with A.A. related issues.

8. Help the chairperson leave the room in a clean and organized manner.

9. In accordance with the Twelfth Tradition (see pamphlet on anonymity) no one is required to state his or her name. Please do not interrupt the meeting by requiring them to do so.

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